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About our Waxes

Wax for hair removal comes in many many different formulations and 'flavours'. And with any product the prices of these waxes vary from very cheap to very expensive. I have researched and tried out many different types of wax and found that those listed below offer the best treatments for my clients, with the most comfortable results. Answers to some of the questions about the waxing procedures and after-care can also be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Waxing vs Sugaring

Some clients ask if I offer Sugaring as they have heard it is less painful. The short answer to this is no I don't. The majority of discomfort and pain a client feels is mostly down to technique. The product used (either a wax or sugar paste) can make a difference, I only use the best waxes available.

Strip Wax - For most of the body

Strip Wax (traditionally called Warm wax) is the wax that we use for the majority of the body, it is very economical to use and very quick. It is heated to a low temperature and then applied onto the body in a thin layer and then removed with a paper strip.

Depileve Pearl

Pearl is a very gentle crème strip wax. Effective for use on all types of hair, from soft fine hairs through to course male hair.

Non-Strip Wax - For intimate and more sensitive areas

Non-strip disposable waxes were created by in France and constitute a new generation of depilatory waxes. These lukewarm waxes (they are used at around 37 degrees centigrade) dry and become plastic as they cool thanks to the synthetic resins (elastomers) they contain. They are applied in thin layers, are removed without the use of paper strips.

As the wax sets it shrink-wraps the hairs providing excellent grip for the removal of course, tough and very short hairs.

Outback Organics Gold

This brand new formulation of wax, launched in February 2013 to great praise at the Professional Beauty show is simply amazing. It has an incredibly low working temperature, sets up super quick and has excellet strength to remove the toughest of hair.

It is much more gentle to the skin, and for sensitive areas such as bikini / speedo, underams, chest, brazilian clients often comment on how much less painful the waxing is.