Post-wax Spray & Bush Balm

Post-wax Spray and Bush Balm 100ml BottlesThis is incredibly exciting … after a four month wait I now have stock of the two newest waxing after care products on the market! I have been using them in treatments since last September and clients have loved them! The delay has been due to a problem at the factory manufacturing them – not really sure what, but that is now resolved and there is plenty to go round!

So let me introduce my favourite new waxing after care product, the Post-Wax Spray. Both of these products have been developed by waxers, those working in the industry week in week out ripping the hair out of bodies. They have been developed by the people who know the effects of waxing, and they know the problems clients face after a treatment.

There are two great things about this product, most importantly it works. Feedback from those who have used it was overwhelmingly positive, clients have found their skin looks and feels a lot better when using the product.

And the second great thing about this product and it is quite unique for a product of this nature is that it is a spray. Pretty much every other waxing product on the market comes as a cream, gel or lotion. Which is great for applying to chests, arms, legs etc. Not so much for the back!

Post-Wax Spray is a soothing, alcohol-free mist to help prevent and treat irritation, bumps and pimples that occur on the body after waxing or shaving. Aloe vera and cucumber extract have been expertly blended with Australian bush mint and menthol to cool and calm the skin, while the antibacterial effects of lemon myrtle oil and grapefruit pith extract protect the skin against irritation by supporting the skins natural defences.

Back and shoulders is by far the most popular male waxing treatment any salon can offer, and for many the lack of a suitable after care product has been frustrating. Some of the stories of guys trying to spread a moisturising lotion on their back evenly have been quite amusing. But now that is a thing of the past, get out of the shower, dry yourself off and a few squirts of this and your on your way to soft smooth skin.

I think the second product has one of the best names on the market – Bush Balm.

This creamy, intensely moisturising mask quickly reduces redness and calms the skin after hair removal.

Aloe vera, allantoin and frankincense extract soothe sore skin, while shea butter and macadamia oil quench and deeply nourish. Bush Balm can be used straight after waxing and then between appointments to help prevent ingrown hairs and leave the skin soft and hydrated. It is especially suitable for sensitive areas such as the face and underarms and for use after intimate waxing or shaving.

I have been using this product in treatments since the Salon size product launched back in September – and the feedback from my own clients has been awesome. So good infact many keep asking me “when i can buy it to use at home?”

Well the answer to that is now! The Post-Wax Spray is available for £8.95 for 100ml spray bottle, and the Bush Balm is £11.95 for a 100ml pump bottle. The spray is also available in a Post Wax Essentials for Guys kit which consists of the spray, along with a the tea tree skin wash and hand & body lotion. Combining all three products really helps give the best results for longer lasting smooth skin, this kit is available for £19.95.

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