So, according to the film this year is going to end in hideous terror! Let’s hope it’s just a film and not a prophecy!

So first day back at the wax pot today, and how did I start? Dragging myself out of bed at 8:00am and onto ‘The Machine’ – that instrument of both terror and torture, our Cross Trainer. For the past year I have been slowly working on loosing weight, and of course like 90% of the population I am starting 2012 with all the good intentions of loosing weight … hopefully I won’t give up by Thursday.

The basics I understand, eat less, exercise more. So today I am starting the exercise, over the years I have tried many things – regular walks, swimming, I’ve even been a member of three Gym’s in my time! But to be honest, non of them really worked for me. My problem is that I am lazy and lack discipline. A few years back inspired by some friends we bought a Cross-Trainer which now lives in my office, it’s easy to use and most importantly it is about 10m walk from the bed.

All the exercise I have done the first minute is the hardest, as soon as I start I enjoy it. My problem is getting there and doing that first minute. We were members of a really nice local gym for a year – Firewalker Health Club in Wolverhampton. It was great, easy to get to, good range of equipment, really good friendly staff and trainers who always came to say hello and see how your doing and to encourage you. In my view so much nicer then the corporate gyms I had tried previously. The problem was that by the time I got there, got changed and started working out I had already lost half an hour, then add the end to shower and get home. A 45minute workout turns into an hour and a half of your day!

And so today I managed 30mins on the machine, low resistance this week to work up – don’t want to kill myself!

And then after a shower … it was time for that dreaded moment at the start of the week, the first official weigh-in of 2012. The scales didn’t break, so that’s a good start, but they did settle on 104.8Kg *sad face*.

So I have set myself an initial target of getting below 100Kg by the end of March – three months to loose 5Kg shouldn’t be that difficult. Well, I say that now. But knowing my history at this kinda thing I need to start off small and see how I go. The next challenge after that will be to maintain my weight below 100Kg for three months – that really will be the harder one.

I’ve also found a great App for use on the iPhone for keeping track of your weight – Target Weight. But what you weigh now, what you want to weight and when by and then you can track your weight to see how it goes.

Will keep you updated. Wish me luck!

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