Waxing for Guys
So long, and thanks for all the hair

Waxing for Guys started over 10 years ago - and now the time has come for me to turn off the wax heaters for the last time.

It's been a blast, I have gone through hundreds of kilo's of wax, tens of thousands of spatuals and paper strips in that time and heard more screams and swearing then you would image. But I've left the men of the West Midlands smooth and ready for their weddings, holidays, divorces, stag weekends, big dates, and a whole lot more!

Thankyou to all my clients - you have been amazing, and I have appreciated everyone who came and paid for my services.

In that time I have also run training courses, working with an amazing trainer and had a crazy idea to start the UK's first and only trade event / expo dedicated to the art of hair removal. From a hotel meeting room in Reading to fall halls of one of the UK's largest conference and convention centers in Birmingham. It was a blast and something I am so proud to have done!

So, thankyou to everyone who came and let me rip their hair from their bodies, and for the countless stories and gossip.

Live long and prosper.